Bury Grammar School (BGS) is a leading UK school which prides itself on having the highest standards within a warm and nurturing environment. Sixth Form students are ambitious, well-rounded young adults who enjoy leadership responsibilities, a wide range of extra-curricular activities and expert careers advice and mentoring.  

BGS pupils are aged 3 to 18 and may join the School at several stages along their educational journey, one of which is at age 16, at the beginning of their A Level courses. The number of sixth formers at BGS has grown by 36% over the past 3 years and close to 100% of their students are successful in winning a place on their 1st or 2nd choice university choice when they leave Bury Grammar School. Sixth Form is a happy, fast-paced and stimulating environment in which to study.  

In an era of growth, the Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team are very proud to announce the opening of The Courthouse, their very first academic centre for Sixth Form, from September 2022.

This is an unprecedented development for Bury Grammar School as The Courthouse becomes a dedicated area for Sixth Form lessons, tutorials, seminars and lectures.  This space represents a number of other ‘firsts’ too: the very first Sixth Form Hall, the first pastoral hub for Sixth Form tutor groups, the first specialist Sixth Form Careers and Higher Education Library and the first Sixth Form Board Room.  

Bury Times:

Given that BGS sixth formers already enjoy the use of two common rooms, a study room and a Sixth Form Café in their Sixth Form Centre on Bridge Road, a stone’s throw away from The Courthouse, they are going to have access to two sets of fabulous facilities from September this year.

Why ‘The Courthouse’? This historic building once played a significant role in the borough of Bury as the former Magistrates’ Court House and we are proud of our heritage. BGS sixth formers study a wide range of subjects – from Sciences to Modern Languages and Creative subjects to Humanities – with Social Sciences being the choice of many of their students and it seems apt that a building which has heard so many life stories will be the academic centre for the lawyers, politicians, economists, social scientists and business leaders of the future.  

You can read more about these developments by using this link here: The Courthouse Brochure. 

Bury Grammar Sixth Form is a friendly and high-performing environment where pupils set themselves ambitious aims, enjoy expert teaching, achieve phenomenal examination results, gain places on prestigious university courses and leave as accomplished, polite and confident young adults, ready for stellar careers ahead.

Bury Times:

The average A Level class size is 8 and students benefit from expert university and careers guidance in small tutor groups and from their roles as prefects for younger pupils which give them valuable leadership experience.

Sixth Form represents the culmination of a BGS career for many of our pupils as transition from Year 11 into Year 12 is the norm and some pupils will have joined in Kindergarten at the age of 3. A number of pupils also join in Year 12 and report finding BGS Sixth Form a welcoming and stimulating place to be.

The sixth formers of 2023-25 will be the very first generation to enjoy The Courthouse; BGS is confident that a bright future awaits them.

Bury Times:

Mrs Simmons, Head of Sixth Form, commented, ‘Never has there been a more exciting time to be a Sixth Form Student at Bury Grammar School!  We are delighted with this new development, which will provide an academic centre of excellence, reflecting the next stages of our students’ lives, whether that path leads to university, an apprenticeship, or a stellar career...or all three! Our students are looking forward to exploring this innovative, collaborative, and interactive working environment.’

You can read more about Bury Grammar School’s future plans on their school website.

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