A CO-OPERATIVE grocery in Prestwich has opened a second location at Radcliffe Market.

Village Greens, an organic grocery shop based in the Longfield Centre since 2014, announced its new location earlier this month.

The store is community-owned with investment from more than 400 members from the Prestwich area and beyond.

It offers a wide variety of locally sourced produce, sustainable products, refillable options.

After the owners of its previous fruit and veg stand retired, bosses at Radcliffe Market asked Village Greens to fill the gap on a trial basis.

Shop manager Chris Williams oversaw the new stall’s opening day and hopes its collaboration with a like-minded business will lead to a permanent place there.

He said: “We’re not about turning over great profits, we’re about being there for the community and providing the service, that’s the way it’s always been.

“Radcliffe Market is a member’s co-operative as well, so we have a shared ownership structure which values the community of the service above profits, and I think that it’s that sort of principle which makes it a good fit for us here at Radcliffe.”

Chris hopes the new outpost will make sustainable and organic produce, as well as refills of cleaning and laundry products, more accessible for Radcliffe shoppers.

He said: “When you’re doing your daily refills, your washing up liquid, your fabric conditioners, and also to get your fresh fruit and veg, if you just want to hop around the corner and grab a broccoli, that service is there.

“Its important to have these little outposts.” he added, “It’s nice and close to home, it’s a community we understand.”

Village Greens is also hoping to work with fellow Radcliffe-based brand Faith in Nature, which will soon have a dedicated stand in the new shop.

“We already have members and customers from Radcliffe and have been thinking how best to reward them for their loyalty,” Chris said.

“Now we can meet them on home ground and establish new connections to the wider community I Radcliffe.”