KNOWN for sticky carpets, cheap shots, and even cheaper entry, Bury’s nightlife has shaped memories for generations of residents.

Whether it’s having “breakfast at Benny’s” after clubbing all night or "meeting your future husband in Rebecca’s".

The regeneration of Bury has seen clubs like Sol Viva turn to rubble, but Bury still remembers its favourite "back in the day" nightclubs.

This week we asked our reader's what their favourite one was and many people have had their say.

Bury Times:

Based on our recent Facebook post, we used your comments to determine the top contenders.

Top on the list is Benny’s aka The Farmers Arms.

Bury Times: Benny'sBenny's

Open all night and ready to serve fantastic breakfasts, Benny's came out as the winner. 

Situated in the back of Hinds Lane, the breakfasts for drunken customers, waiting for taxis at 7am, have won the club Bury's "best back in the day" position. 

Bury Times:

Angela Wiggins said: “Benny’s for me then breakfast upstairs”

Sue Eckersley added:  “Definitely Benny's stop for breakfast get home at 5 am, they were the days!"

Linda Gill: “We loved Benny’s. We danced all night and went upstairs when it finished and had one of Ann’s famous Benny’s breakfasts."

Bury Times:

Up second is Rebeccas, also voted for under its other aliases; the Basement, Sams and Blazes.

As seen in the image below, it has been sealed up and the old entrance is next to WHSmith in the Millgate.

Despite closing in 1988, there are still glasses on tables and bottles behind the bar.

Bury Times: Blocked up door in the Mill Gate, leading to Rebecca'sBlocked up door in the Mill Gate, leading to Rebecca's

Famed for its sticky carpets, the legendary bouncer Eli, and for being one of Bury's biggest "marriage marts", where hundreds of couples met their future partners.  

Bury Times:

Diane Davenport said: “Rebecca's and Benny's. I met my husband in Rebecca's 30+ years ago. My brothers in law were doorman at Benny's. Happy days.”

Nicola Jane Hancock: “Rebecca’s, even though your feet stuck to the carpet."

Susan Palmer: “Rebecca’s, Roxy, when it first opened, guys had to wear a tie to get in and no trainers”

Jackie Williams added: “Crystals and Rebecca’s! Used to love the hot dog man and his van outside as well, just what you needed after all that dancing and booze!"

Bury Times:

In third place came Sol Viva aka (poxy) Roxy.

Sol was situated on Rochdale Road opposite Wilkinsons and was dedicated to specific music genres, 99p drinks and an alleged lack of ID checking.

Bury Times:

The night was always called to an end when "Hit The Road Jack" began buzzing through the speakers as customers could shuffle over to First Base Pizza or the hot dog stall, which was outside the door.

Bury Times:

Sol Viva's voters commented on their experiences saying:

Sara Jayne: “Sol Viva! You could catch a limo from one side of Bury and it would take you round there”

Leanne Moor: “It’s got to be Sol? But it depends on your age… if you’re in your 50s now it’s got to be 80s Rebecca and Roxy’s and if you’re in your 30s and 40s now Sol Viva!”

Steven Judge: “Sol Viva surely?? Wipe your feet on the way out...”

Katie Louise JS: “Sol vVva even though your feet stuck to every floor, good times.”

Bury Times:

Also mentioned was Topaz AKA Atmosphere AKA Crystals AKA Icarus, located above what was then the fish market and now the indoor market. 

Bury Times: Inside Monty's Inside Monty's

Montys/ Maxwells are also featured. Slightly out of the centre of town, it played all kinds of music, especially focusing however on the indie genre.

Bury Times: Segers advertisement Segers advertisement

Club 103/AKA Segers Pictures gained a couple of votes. Famed for its barmaids and owner Foo Foo Lamar, located at 103 Manchester Road.

Bury Times:

Then finally, Siberia/ Waldo Peppers/ Peelers was mentioned. Situated opposite Wilkinsons, where Bright House currently stands, in the basement.

However, due to flooding on a regular basis, the main way to know if it was open was to listen out for ongoing sounds of Karaoke.

Bury Times:

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