AFTER months of campaigning by candidates across the borough, voters can today vote for the council candidates they feel will best represent their ward.

As the polls open, here’s a useful guide on how to vote in this year’s election:

All-out election

This year’s election will be "all-out" meaning that voters will have the chance to elect an entirely new council.

"All-out" means that all 51 seats will be up for election, rather than the usual 17 each year.

Residents can vote for up three candidates, but you cannot vote for the same person three times.

Polling stations

Registered voters should have received a polling card in the post in the run up to the election which states the name of their ward and their polling station.

If you don’t have your polling card – don’t worry, you don’t need your polling card to vote, you can just show up to the polling station.

If you don’t know the name of your polling station, you can search for it on the Where Do I Vote website.

Emergency proxy vote

If you find yourself unable to vote on election day, you may be able to apply for an emergency proxy vote at any time before 5pm.

This option is available to people called into work at last minute or those who have a disability.

Registered voters can also apply for an emergency proxy vote if they or their proxy need to self-isolate due to COVID-19.

Bury Council is made up of 51 councillors who between them represent 17 different wards.

This year’s council was controlled by Labour but in recent decades Bury has also seen its council run by the conservatives and there have been years where it had no overall control.

Currently, the council is made up of 28 Labour councillors, 15 Conservative councillors, 4 Liberal Democrats, three Radcliffe First councillors and one independent.

A list of all the names of prospective candidates looking for your vote.



Bayley, Noel – Labour and Co-operative Party

Fay, Careron – The Green Party

Keeley, Gregory Gerard – The Conservative Party

Morris, Stephen – English Democrats – “Putting England First!”

Ross, Dan – Communist Party of Britain

Shaffi, Tahira – The Conservative Party

Silbiger, David- – The Conservative Party

Smith, Lucy Catherine – Labour and Co-operative Party

West, Martyn John – Independent

Whitby, Mary – Labour and Co-operative Party

Williams, Mike – Liberal Democrats

Bury East

Arif, Ayesha – The Labour Party

Baron, Christopher Edward -The Conservative Party

Cadwallader, Kevin – Reform UK

Farooq, Ummrana – The Labour Party

Hutchinson, Lauren -The Green Party

McGill, Gavin Phillip – The Labour Party

Powell, Elizabeth Christine – Liberal Democrats

Sharif, Raja Adil – The Conservative Party

Tahir, Abdul Basit – The Conservative Party

Bury West

Arif, Shahbaz Mahmood – The Conservative Party

Connor, Jacqui – The Green Party

Harris, Jackie – The Conservative Party

McAnulty, Andrew – The Labour Party

Royde, Jacob – Liberal Democrats

Turner, Samuel James – The Labour Party

Varnom, Helen Jane – The Labour Party

Vernon, Dene John – The Conservative Party


Arthur, Lynda Valerie Gail – Liberal Democrats

Finnegan, Kyle Martin -The Labour Party

Hayes, Martin John – The Labour Party

Luxton, Andrew Paul – The Conservative Party

Morris, Charlotte Elizabeth – The Labour Party

Rydeheard, Jack Bernard – The Conservative Party

Warraich, Muhammad Sajjad Akram – The Conservative Party


Baron, Geoffrey – The Conservative Party

Curati, Peter – The Green Party

Hall, Anthony Peter – The Conservative Party

Hankey, Michael – Liberal Democrats

Jamieson, Richard Neil – The Labour Party

Moss, Elliot Graham – The Labour Party

Raja, Haider Ali – The Conservative Party

Rizvi, Imran Raza – The Labour Party

Tegolo, Maria Cristina – Liberal Democrats

Wright, Steven David – Liberal Democrats


Boles, Ciaron Michael – The Labour Party

Farid, Samia Parveen – The Conservative Party

Hagan, Victor Cromwell – Independent

Heath, Mary Christine – The Green Party

Holder, Marie – The Conservative Party

Latif, Mazhar Hussain – The Conservative Party

Peel, Kevin Eric – The Labour Party

Walmsley, Sandra – The Labour Party

North Manor

Allen, Charlie – The Green Party

Arthur, Ewan James – Liberal Democrats

Brown, Roger Charles Arthur – The Conservative Party

Dean, Liam James – The Conservative Party

Hussain, Khalid – The Conservative Party

Kirkley, Gary Joseph – The Green Party

Sampson, Michelle Suzanne – The Green Party

Southworth, John Damian – The Labour Party

Pilkington Park

Bernstein, Russell Stewart – The Conservative Party

Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Jayne – The Labour Party

Jones, Nicholas Glen – The Conservative Party

Lomax, Elizabeth Anne – The Green Party –

Malkin, Christopher John – The Labour Party

Rubinstein, Michael Jack – The Labour Party

Slawycz, Anton – The Conservative Party

Radcliffe East

Birchmore, Carol Ann – Radcliffe First

Broster, Michael – The Labour Party

Cathcart, Rhyse Lewis – The Labour Party

Cathcart, Trisha – The Labour Party

Gregory, Mark John – The Conservative Party

Mason, James Anthony – Radcliffe First

Mehboob, Azhar Ismaeel – The Conservative Party

Sharples, Heather Jane – The Green Party

Walsh, Mary – Radcliffe First

Worthington, Iona Margaret – The Conservative Party

Radcliffe North and Ainsworth

Bernstein, Carol Anne – The Conservative Party

Berry, Donald – Radcliffe First

Booth, Andrea Michelle – Radcliffe First

Campbell, Gill – The Labour Party

Cropper, Paul – The Conservative Party

Heneghan, Paddy – The Labour Party

Lancaster, Jo – The Conservative Party

Patterson, Lee Christopher – The Labour Party

Simpson, Ken – Radcliffe First –

Thomas, Laura Jane – The Green Party

Radcliffe West

Duncalfe, Des – Radcliffe First

Imeson, Mark – The Conservative Party

Islam, Kamran – Liberal Democrats

Kahn, Muhammad – The Conservative Party

Lewis, David – The Conservative Party

Marsden, Glyn Stuart – Radcliffe First

McGill, Sally – The Labour Party

Smith, Michael Andrew – Radcliffe First

Staples Jones, Gareth Edward – The Labour Party

Thomas, Chlöe Charlotte – The Green Party

Whelan, Charlie William Edward – The Labour Party


Bristow, Martyn Aidan – Liberal Democrats

Cummins, Clare Anne – The Labour Party

Cunliffe, James – The Conservative Party

Donnelly, Spencer – The Labour Party

Park, Jihyun – The Conservative Party

Pilkington, Tom – The Labour Party

Schofield, Ian – The Conservative Party

Slocombe, Mark David – The Green Party


Aijaz, Raja Naveed – The Conservative Party

Foss, David – Liberal Democrats

Frith, Nikki – The Labour Party

Haroon, Shaheena – The Labour Party

Johnstone, Paul – The Green Party

Mahmood, Shafqat – The Conservative Party

Tariq, Tamoor – The Labour Party

Yasin, Aamer The Conservative Party


Aslam, Mazhar – The Conservative Party

Gold, Richard Ian – The Labour Party

Heath, Glyn Harvey – The Green Party

Heaton, Michael Andrew – Liberal Democrats

Quinn, Alan – The Labour Party

Quinn, Debbie – The Labour Party

Raja Akhtar, Sham – The Conservative Party

Vincent, Bernie – The Conservative Party

St Marys

Edeoga, Ugonna Aiphodimma – Liberal Democrats

Green, Debra – The Labour Party

Hubble, Nick – The Green Party

Lewis, Stephen Thomas – Liberal Democrats

O’Brien, Eamonn – The Labour Party

Powell, Michael Robert Thomas – Liberal Democrats

Riu, Antonello – The Conservative Party

Saghir, Touseef – The Conservative Party

Thorpe, Sean Patrick – The Labour Party

Zuri, Stefano – The Conservative Party


Gartside, Iain Brian – The Conservative Party

Graham, Angela Margaret – The Green Party

Hills, David Orr – The Labour Party

Holt, Evelyn Isobel – The Labour Party

McBriar, Luis James – The Conservative Party

Southworth, Julie Anne – The Labour Party

Strachan, Ian Cameron – The Conservative Party

Wright, Yvonne Susan – Independent


Balfour, Shirley Anne – The Conservative Party

Boroda, Nathan Cody – The Labour Party

Grimshaw, Joan – The Labour Party

Rafiq, Tahir – The Labour Party

Raja, Sohail – The Conservative Party

Walker, Gibson Michael – The Conservative Party