The local election results in Bury have now been declared with Labour holding onto its majority in the borough.

All 51 council seats were contested with three seats being up for grabs in each of the 17 wards in Bury.

The final results were Labour holding 29 seats with a gain of one and the Conservatives held on to 12 seats although the group lost three seats.

Radcliffe First had a successful day with them gaining an extra five seats to make their total eight.

The Liberal Democrats lost three seats to have just one overall and the Independents retained their one seat with no change.

The result was set to be an interesting one especially with Christian Wakeford defecting to the Labour Party earlier this year, and Labour certainly did not disappoint.

Labour held all the seats in Sedgley ward with Richard Gold gaining a total of 1,902 votes to finish first.

Cllr Alan Quinn also held onto his seat for another year too.

Labour won all three seats in St Mary’s ward, gaining one seat from the Liberal Democrat councillor Michael Powell. Council leader Eamonn O’Brien won first place with 1,941 votes.

The Conservatives unsurprisingly took all three seats in North Manor ward with Roger Brown coming first with 2,008 votes.

Pilkington Park was hoping to hold onto their three Conservatives seats, however a recount was requested which proved to be a tense wait. The final result was the Conservatives held onto two seats with Russell Bernstein taking first place and Nick Jones.

But Labour candidate Elizabeth Jayne Fitzgerald took the seat from Anton Slawycz.

There was no change in Unsworth with Labour holding onto all three seats.

A stunning result came from Radcliffe North and Ainsworth, as Radcliffe First gained two seats from the Conservatives and the third seat that the Conservatives tied on was decided by the drawing of straws, which resulted in Jo Lancaster winning the seat.

Labour took all three seats in Redvales, Bury East and Moorside wards.

Tottington held two Conservative seats, but independent councillor Yvonne Wright held onto the top spot and was the only independent to win a seat in these local elections.

Elton ward had no change with Conservative Jack Rydeheard holding the top spot and Labour holding onto the other two seats.

The Conservatives held onto all their seats in Bury West.

Radcliffe First took all three seats in Radcliffe North, grabbing two from Labour and they also won every seat in Radcliffe West. Radcliffe First also took all three seats in Radcliffe East, taking another seat from Labour.

The Labour and Co-operative party held onto all three seats in Besses ward.

Labour also took all three seats in Moorside with Cllr Kevin Peel saying: “I’m honoured to be re-elected to serve the people of Moorside on Bury Council alongside my colleagues Sandra Walmsley and Ciaron Boles.”

In Holyrood, Labour gained two seats from the Liberal Democrats while they managed to hold onto one seat.