KNIFE crime and damaged roads are among the biggest problems in need of fixing in Bury, according to residents.

Ongoing issues with potholes and a lack of road markings were also raised as a concern when the Bury Times asked readers what the "biggest problem" is in the borough that "needs fixing next". 

Residents said that the opening of a new secondary school in Radcliffe should be a priority, something the council has scheduled for the former Coney Green School site 2024.

Others raised the need for improved mental health services and provision for special educational needs.

Fly-tipping and littering were another major issue among residents with several people complaining that Bury has become "unkempt" with "litter everywhere".

One resident said: “It's dirty, litter everywhere.

"The only place clean and kept up is around the Council building. Fly tipping on our back streets that take days to get cleaned up.

“The signs are unreadable due to dirt and moss, our streets and sidewalks are unkept.

“Theft, knife crime are a serious concern. Roads with no markings and full of pot holes. Bury is not what it use to be.”

Another said: “Litter, roads, fly tipping, unkempt streets with knee high weeds. General attitude that its always someone else’s responsibility.”

Several residents said that road markings across the borough were inadequate and leading to confusion among drivers.

One resident said: “A start would be to go over all the road markings on Jubilee Way!

"I don’t know why this hasn’t been done years ago you can’t even tell which lane is what, get it sorted! Should’ve done it in lockdown when the roads were empty!”

Another added, “In Whitefield we need the roads white lines doing, nobody seems to know if they are in the right lane especially at the lights on church lane and higher lane.”

Following a spate of knife crime incidents in the area, including the fatal stabbing of teenager Abdi Abdalla Ahmed in Bury town centre in March this year, residents expressed concerned about rising crime rates and safety in the town.

One person said: “Knife crime needs some attention, and maybe this could be tied into the new opening of Gigg Lane as more of a community hub.”

Another added: “Knife crime. As a victim of this myself its taken its toll and we won't raise our child in Bury.”