A driver in Radcliffe was found to be five times over the limit after a crash, police have reported.

Police were shocked when they were sent to the minor crash in Radcliffe, where a woman was seen staggering out of the car.

A breathalyser showed she blew 157.

A statement by police said: “It’s not often jaws drop after a drink driver provides positive breath samples.

“Driver blew 157 and 151 in custody – that’s nearly FIVE times the limit!

“This followed us responding to a minor RTC in Radcliffe with a female driver staggering out the car.”

In March, three drivers were banned after using drugs or drink-driving.

Manchester magistrates heard how Amer Khizer, aged 29, of Market Street, Bury, committed the offence when he drove a Suzuki Swift on Home Street, Bury, on October 15 last year after using cannabis.

Khizer , who pleaded guilty to drug driving, was fined £120 plus £119 in costs and charges.