A police dog gave chase to burglars who threw bricks to deter officers trying to catch them.

In Heywood, the offenders were on the run as police drove after the, but bricks were thrown at the officers.

But the group soon caught the attention of Police dog Jaegar, who successfully rounded the men.

A statement by Police said: “A team of Burglars were active in the Heywood area, committing multiple offences. XG patrols got behind the vehicle along with an XD.

“At this point the offenders threw causing damage.

“After crashing one offender ran straight into PD Jaegar. Ouch , all three detained.”

This comes after police conducted stop and searches in Prestwich in March after burglaries in the area.

The operation was carried out in Prestwich, with plain clothes and uniformed officers patrolling the areas of Prestwich Hills and Carr Clough estates.

The operation was launched as police issued crime safety advice regarding door locks, as burglars can break into homes by snapping locks.

Lock snapping involves breaking a cylinder in two by applying force and exposing the internal mechanism.

Police are now urging residents to keep burglars at bay by upgrading their locks to an anti-snap cylinder with a TS007 3-star rating and/or the Sold Secure Diamond Standard.