A TEENAGER from Brandlesholme will walk up Mount Snowdon next month to raise awareness of a little-known genetic disorder.

Lily Tyson, 14, will trek Wales' tallest mountain to raise money for people living with Turner Syndrome, a genetic disorder which leaves one X chromosome completely or partially missing.

The syndrome causes lower hormone levels and is associated with heart and kidney problems.

Lily was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at age 12 and has since embarked on a fundraising mission in aid of the Turner Syndrome Supporters Society, a charity that helps those with the condition.

Bury Times: Lily outside her school in Ramsbottom Lily outside her school in Ramsbottom

Bury Times:

Turners Syndrome affects one in 2000 baby girls and is not a widely known condition.

However, Lily's dad, Chris, says the response to her efforts have been “unbelievable".

Chris said: “Last year she decided she wanted to run 103k throughout April to raise awareness of the condition, get out there get the message shared.

“The biggest thing that she wanted to get out of it was to get to know other girls that are going through the same thing so she could talk to people but also to be able to get in touch with other families

“I’ve had two families come to me very recently who are actually in the Bury area who’ve just had their diagnosis “it’s all been because of Lily’s awareness raising.”

As a keen footballer, Lily plays for the Ramsbottom Ravens under-16s team and is a big Bolton Wanderers fan.

After her successful run last April, she raised more than £7000 and was eager for her next challenge.

Chris added: “Running long distances was never something she was interested in, but it was a challenge, and that’s what she’s doing with this because she knows this one is a particularly difficult challenge as well.

“We’ve got about 50 people who are probably going to be doing it with her so that will be amazing.”

Lily and her dad hope that her Snowdon walk will continue to bring families affected by the condition together so they can share their experiences and advice.

“The emotions and the stresses that you get when you find out, it is a big shock and the families I’ve spoken to have gone through exactly the same

“We are getting incredible messages back from the charity about how grateful they are for what she’d doing.

“Its incredible what she’s done.”