REMEMBERING the fifth anniversary of the Manchester bombing, Bury Fire Choir have gathered to find solace through singing.

The group dedicated their Wednesday rehearsal to remembering the victims, including Olivia Campbell-Hardy, who was just 15 years old at the time.

Bury Times: Katie Geelan and Steven GoodmanKatie Geelan and Steven Goodman

Katie Geelan, musical director of Bury Fire Choir said: “Tonight, we’re dedicating our rehearsal evening to the anniversary of the Manchester attack.

“I think it is lovely that we can bring a community together at such a poignant week in the city for people to come together, remember and get some solace from singing.

Bury Times: Bury Fire ChoirBury Fire Choir

“Tonight we have iconic Manchester songs, traditional ukulele songs, Manchester mashup and Take That to sing.”

Grandad to Olivia and founder of Liv’s Trust, Steven Goodman, and handed out white roses of remembrance at the rehearsal.

He began singing at 61-years old and is now a member of the Bury Fire Choir, he said “A first it was daunting but then it is magnificent. You become part of a family and the bond you get through singing and music is marvellous.”

The choir performed an emotional medley of Manchester classics, supporting each other and singing for solace in a poignant show of solidarity.

Bury Times: Karan LeeKaran Lee

Karan Lee, Deputy Lieutenant for Greater Manchester also attended, she said: “They’re beautiful and the joy they bring to themselves, each other and the community is priceless.

“But let us not forget why we’re here tonight, that’s in remembrance of the Manchester bombing.

“Young Olivia use to be in the choir so it is very important to them. You could feel it, you could hear it and it brought tears to my eyes.”

Following the event, Bury Fire Choir posted: ‘What a wonderful and poignant evening. We remembered the 22 who lost their lives through music, song, poetry, wonderful words and even some ukulele playing. Thank you to our very special guests, Karan Lee and David Catterall, Deputy Lieutenants of Greater Manchester and our supporters from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue and the Liv’s Trust’

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Bury Fire Choir are also promoting their search for more members, who don’t need to audition to join. You can find out more by visiting their site and clicking here.