A cannabis farm worth around half a million pounds was seized as part of a major police operation this week.

Police reported today that they discovered the farm after they raided Pioneer Mill on Milltown Street, Radcliffe as part of Operation Avro.

This is a Greater Manchester wide initiative which will target a different borough across the city region each month, with May being Bury’s turn.

Bury Chief Superintendent Chris Hill said: “Operation Avro is our force response to take the fight to the criminal.

“I’m proud and privileged to be the district commander to have Operation Avro across the borough of Bury.

“Whether you live, work or just pass through Bury you’re going to see lots of yellow jackets but also lots of partners as well.

"Here at Bury and across GM we are really keen to work with our partners and lots of our partners are going to be doing lots of stuff today with lots of other people."

He added: “It’s not just about kicking doors in and arresting people, it’s about working for the communities with the communities to make sure we safeguard as many people as we can.

“Ultimately what today is all about is getting the baddies off the streets and reassuring members of the public.”