Bury's MPs have given mixed reactions to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's vote of confidence in Parliament on Monday after he was given enough support to remain in power.

Conservative MPs voted by 211 to 148 in support of the Prime Minister on Monday, meaning 41 per cent of his party declared no confidence in his leadership of the country.

The margin of his victory was smaller than his predecessor Theresa May where 37 per cent of MPs said they had no confidence in her.

In just five months she announced her resignation.

Both borough MPs had differing opinions in the vote with Bury North MP James Daly being in full support of Mr Johnson.

He said: “I think the PM won the leadership contest and I think we have to do everything we can as the government to ensure that the mandate now that we were elected on in 2019, we delivered many things that we continue delivering up to the next general election and this is what the voters have allowed the PM to continue to do.

“So as somebody who supports that agenda and supports that mandate and investment and levelling up the northern towns like Bury, that’s what I view as the consequence of the vote that that agenda continues and that way for MPs like me to try and persuade the government to invest in all sorts of different things, those opportunities are still there now.”

However, Bury South MP Christian Wakeford, who defected from the Conservatives to Labour in January, made his thoughts known with a scathing comment about the results.

He said: “As the Prime Minister staggers on, the sheer levels of desperation from his acolytes become apparent.

“The idea that 148 Conservative MPs expressing a lack of confidence in Boris Johnson is somehow the consequence of some sort of BBC, remainer-led witch hunt is spectacularly stupid.

“The only thing 'comprehensive' about last night was that the Prime Minister is on borrowed time and pretty soon he is going to have to stare reality in the face.

“To those who claim he should be allowed to 'get on with the job' some of us have been waiting for him to 'get on with the job' for the best part of 12 months.”