A total of £70,000 worth of illegal goods was seized after police and council crackdown.

They were found in Bury during Greater Manchester Police's Operation Avro action day last month.

Trading standards spoke to 44 traders and advised on various legislation, particularly customers’ cancellation rights and licensing officers carried out 67 taxi checks, with 20 being reported for breaches of conditions.

The neighbourhood’s enforcement team spoke to drivers of 20 vehicles that were identified as carrying or likely to transport commercial waste.

Of those, seven were unable to provide the necessary waste carriers licence and further investigations are being undertaken which could lead to fixed penalty notices.

The teams visited nine premises, accompanied by a tobacco sniffer dog and seized £70,000 worth of counterfeit goods including 2,800 illicit cigarettes, 322 phone cases, 30 sets of headphones and even 180 pairs of socks.

The council is unable to name the persons/businesses involved in the enforcement action due to ongoing criminal investigations.

Seven off licences were visited, and three were reported for breaches of licensing conditions.

Officers also took part in the Radcliffe Community Day, helping the public and Radcliffe Litter Pickers to clean up the area.

They also advised residents how to report incidents of fly-tipping and other environmental crimes.

Councillor Richard Gold, cabinet member for finance and communities at the council, said: “Our teams have done a really good job, working with the police and our partners to keep our borough safe.

“Some traders simply need advice and information, but those who sell illegal and counterfeit goods cause harm to the public and to legitimate local businesses, and their ill-gotten gains are often used to fund crime.

We will continue to take action against these people in the interests of our community.”