Residents of Bury have been reminiscing about closed restaurants in Bury that they miss.

We asked people to name their favourite eateries that have since shut and places in business as far back as the 60s and 70s were mentioned.

One restaurant that was named time and time again was Roscoe’s which used to be on Radcliffe Road.

It was a popular place for party goers on their way home after a night out at Benny’s nightclub, with their burgers being particularly popular.

One resident said: “Aw, loved Roscoe’s for their tasting menu £13 for six courses it was divine.

“Oh, and not to forget the best garlic bread in bury served in the wee small hours after a night on the tiles in Benny’s.”

Another said: “Roscoe's on Radcliffe Road. Never had a better burger than theirs.

“My first boyfriend lived round the corner, so it was our weekly treat. Fabulous place, sad it closed.”

Megna Cottage which was also on Rochdale Road, used to be a popular place for an ‘after club’ snack.

One said: “Megna cottage ...had so many laughs in there at stupid o'clock in the morning.”

Others reminisced about being in there at four in the morning and how it was the best place to go after the club.

The Rosamar was mentioned a few times as a lovely place to go with one woman mentioning how she used to waitress there in her teens.

One commented: “Rosamar after school for a brew and a toasted teacake!”

Another said: “Hot chocolate and teacake. Lovely.”

The Chinese Buffet was a popular place which is the most recent restaurant to close.

It was next to the Vue cinema on The Rock, and it closed and reopened a few times however, it has now closed for good.

One said: “Chinese buffet next to the Vue cinema - it was amazing.”