Temperatures are set to soar in Bury tomorrow, Friday, with highs of 26 degrees centigrade predicted in the afternoon.

A weather warning has been issued by the Met Office in many areas of the UK from midnight on Friday until midnight on Sunday.

A level one health alert covers parts of Northern England, where the probability of heatwave conditions is 30 per cent.

The hot weather is arriving from warm air sweeping from the Sahara Desert and Spain which will be coming through France.

Daytime temperatures in Southern Spain have exceeded 40 degrees in recent days.

In some parts of the UK temperatures could reach as high as 35 degrees tomorrow.

Tomorrow is set to be the hottest day of the year so far and could break records as being one of the hottest days in June.

And in the borough it will be hotter than parts of Portugal.

It’s important to remember to check on vulnerable people in hot weather such as older people or those with heart and lung conditions.

Also, people are reminded to keep an eye on their pets as the hot weather can cause dehydration and heat stress.

However, Saturday is set to be a cooler day with highs of 16 degrees as a cold front moves from the North.