A PUB which wishes to extend use of a car park area for an outside faces opposition from neighbours.

Licensing chiefs will rule this week on a request by The Major Hotel, in Bolton Street, Ramsbottom.

The pub’s licensee has applied for a variation to extend its current premises licence to cover the existing car park for consumption of alcohol and allow a temporary structure there to be used as a bar.

Different hours are proposed for activities both inside and outside the premises including permission to serve indoors until 12.30am and outdoors until 9pm.

The application also requests permission to allow live music indoors on Saturdays until 11pm.

A representation from Bury Council’s environmental health service has been made against the application for the sale of alcohol in the outside area between noon and 9pm.

The licensee offered conditions including the use of plastic glasses from the outdoor bar, signs to prevent public nuisance and windows and doors to be kept closed while live music is on.

They said the outside area would be completely closed by 10pm to prevent noise nuisance and will be fenced in.

Several people have objected to the application, including one who describes the approval of the request as an ‘impending nightmare’.

One said: “I have been talking to neighbours who are unaware of this pending nightmare. I am very concerned about constant loud noise late at night that we already have from the outside area at the back of the Major.

“We have customers coming out of the gates to urinate in the back lane where children walk. On one occasion when one man was shouted at to stop two other men came out of the gates and threatened us.”

Another objector said: “I urge you to consult with the residents properly and consider parking restrictions and traffic issues before granting permission. Once a proper consultation as been done with neighbours in a timely manner rather than word of mouth of the pub’s intentions.”

The hearing takes place tomorrow, Tuesday.