Lungworm cases in Bury have been revealed on an interactive map as vets warn thousands of dogs are at risk from the deadly parasite.

Lungworm has been a common problem in the South of the UK for a while, but cases are starting to rise across the North of England.

Dogs can catch the potentially fatal parasite by eating infected snails, slugs or frogs in their garden or whilst on a walk.

The slime of slugs and snails can also contain the infective parasite too.

They can pick it up by eating grass, drinking from puddles, their toys or drinking from an outdoor water bowl.

In Bury have been 204 reported cases within a 50-mile radius of the town, according to, but much less in the borough as a whole.

To date, 2,897 cases of lungworm in dogs have been recorded across the country

A survey from Elanco Animal Health indicated that more than half of UK dog owners know what lungworm is and only 33 per cent routinely treat their dog for it.

The most common symptoms of lungworm are coughing, breathing difficulty, tiredness, going off food and an upset stomach.

The Vets4pets website states that dogs with severe lungworm infections can become very ill and nine per cent of infected dogs will die.

Luckily, lungworm is treatable and any dog owners who think their pet may have it are urged to go to the vet for a full physical examination.