The owners of a pressure cleaning company from Whitefield are set to make their television debut on Monday as part of a new series.

Pam and Steve Plumb, owners of Power Wash UK, were approached by producers at Channel 5's sister channel 5STAR, last year and asked to take part in a new programme exploring the world of pressure washing.

Impressed by the company’s casting video, the producers asked the husband-and-wife team to take part in filming the new series of Amazing Cleans.

As the company begins to become “a little bit famous” Pam felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension before the film crews arrived.

She said, “It was all quite surreal and daunting because its not something we’ve ever done before.

“When they came on site here they came to the house, a proper film crew and sound crew and wired us all up with the little battery packs and microphones on our chest and spent the day with us literally, following us around filming.”

“We have no idea at this stage what’s being aired and what isn’t, so until it actually goes on, which is on Monday we have no idea what its going to be like yet wither, so there’s an element of dauntedness about that as well.”

Filming for the show involved the crew accompanying Pam, Steve and the team to a residential property where they gave the owner’s patio a much-needed wash.

“It hadn’t been done for quite some time, quite a few years actually, I don’t think she could remember when it had been done, it was quite a long time, so it was quite impressive.”

Pam says that customers are fascinated with seeing the dramatic results of a power wash clean that the trend of satisfying cleaning videos has taken off on social media, particularly TikTok.

“I suppose for the customers the fascination is ‘it looked like that, now it looks like this,’ its that dramatic change.

“Its in TikTok at the moment and its really, really big, people love watching that cleaning process, not so much just the before and after, but it’s actually what’s involved in doing it and as it cleans off.”

Despite the show not airing until Monday, Pam says the company have already made two bookings from the advert alone.

“We just got inundated with customers and friends contacting us to say ‘are you on the telly?’ “We’ve already booked two jobs off the back of the advert alone so we have seen some benefit already.”

Amazing Cleans airs on 5STAR on Monday, June 27 at 9pm.