A woman from Bury who claimed that she was a sex worker and used her earnings to care for stray cats has admitted her backstory is fake.

Cat English - her pen name - released her erotic 'memoir' entitled Briefly Yours in March, which she stated was written from her diary of the stories and people she encountered in the sex work industry.

In a previous interview with our sister paper the Lancashire Telegraph, Cat, who now lives in Darwen, said she started writing the book years ago to create awareness for people who want advice about helping stray cats.

Months after the release of her “non-fiction book”, which was written by a hired ghost writer, Cat shared a now deleted post on Facebook revealing the truth behind the story - that it was all made up.

The post left supporters and followers confused having believed her story, that she had used money earned from sex work to cover vet and food bills racked up from taking in "colonies" of feral and stray cats.

Bury Times: Screenshot of Cat's Facebook post shared on Tuesday June, 14Screenshot of Cat's Facebook post shared on Tuesday June, 14

In a letter format addressing her followers on Tuesday, June 14, she wrote: "Dear friends, this is a heartfelt post.

“What lengths would you go to to save a life? Would you jeopardise your own life? Would you put your neck on the line?

In this case that's what I did - I HAD TO DO IT - I was desperately thinking what can I do to help pay off huge vet bills, as I am in debt.

"What can I do to feed the hungry colonies of outdoor stray and feral cats daily that I've rescued?”

Cat then went on to explain the process behind the writing and publishing of her novel:

“I hired an amazing ghost writer and editors to help me bring out a book with a "Unique Selling Point' (USP) and together we came up with a "fiction book' based on my life as a CAT RESCUER, but after meetings with the ghost writer I was told this type of book would do better if I put it out there as 'non-fiction' with my face on it, as there is a lot of competition out there, so many similar fiction books in this genre, and agreeing to do that was one of the HARDEST DECISIONS ever.”

Cat justified the what one person called ‘deceitful’ marketing tactic by mentioning a "conversation" she had with her pet cat.

She continued: “But, after speaking to my cat Angel, we agreed that for her and the rest of the cats that need help in this world I would do this book as non-fictional and then one day reveal that the BOOK I RELEASED IS FICTION (all made up) and not in fact true, then come out with the second book as fiction (made up).”

Bury Times: Briefly Yours by Cat English. Photo: AmazonBriefly Yours by Cat English. Photo: Amazon

While the post was still up, Cat’s announcement received significant support with 179 likes, as well as 134 comments.

One user, however, shared her confusion, asking: “So you funding the rescue work from being an escort is fictional? You weren’t an escort? Am I getting the meaning of the post right? xx”

One person claimed they were blocked by Cat after they questioned whether Cat’s whole story was fabricated.

In the post, Cat went on to explain that it is not unusual for an author to market a fiction book as non-fiction and vice versa.

She also stated that she hasn’t received money from the book sales yet but whatever she has made is to help the cats.

She continued: “I'm not going to apologise for taking this gamble because many would if they were in my shoes and yes these are the lengths an animal rescuer will go to TO HELP THOUSANDS OF CATS IN NEED, to create awareness and educate exactly how many stray and feral cats are struggling on the streets…

“…I HOPE & PRAY you all understand. Thank you as always to those who support and follow me on my cat journeys to SAVE THE INNOCENT cats.”

Shortly after being posted, the status was deleted and the issue has not been addressed on her Facebook since.

One concerned person said: “She’s stated in interviews that people who had to do sex work to put food on the table contacted her to tell her they shared the same experience etc.

"This really undermines their experience and makes a mockery of those women.”

Cat English was contacted for comment, but did not respond.