Beer connoisseur and passionate pub campaigner, Mark gives us his decision on the tastiest beer he has sampled in the last seven days.

Mark has been highlighting the values of Britain’s favourite drink for many years. He is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. Follow @realaleupnorth on Twitter

This week I present to you one of the most enjoyable canned craft beers I have ever tasted. A Double IPA style beer brewed by the exceptional, innovative, Rivington Brewing Company, on the outskirts of Chorley.

I just knew their Blood Machines DIPA(8%) was going to be a stunning beer, as soon as I cracked open the can. The assertive aromas of mango, passion fruit and pink grapefruit, simply exploded out.

The beer when poured, presented itself as opaque and straw coloured. Not really surprising, due to the copious amounts of malt, hops and wheat, used in the brewing process.

The flavours were deep, rich, quite smooth and complex. As in the aroma, there was more juicy mango, passion fruit and pink grapefruit. Plus a subtle, syrupy, canned pineapple note. The melody of flavours danced to perfection on the palate!

The pleasant, long lingering finish was quite smooth and moderately rich, with a bittersweet tropical fruit taste in the mouth.

A memorable, luscious, intensely-flavoured craft beer, purchased at Heaton Hops, Stockport.