An interactive government map shows how coronavirus cases are rising across Bury.

Covid-19 cases have risen by close to a third across the UK in the past week with Omicron sub-variants leading the increase.

In the borough, a total of 331 cases were logged in the seven days up to June 25.

The rate per 100,000 people in Bury who had Covid-19 up to that date was 173.6, more than double the UK average (85.9).

In the Bank Top and Radcliffe East area, there has been a 900 per cent rise of Covid-19 cases in the seven days up to June 25 (up from two to 20).

The case rate per 100,000 people who tested positive for the virus in that district was 333.3, nearly four times higher than the UK average.

The other side of Radcliffe saw a 162.5 per cent rise in cases (eight to 21) with a rate of 248.3.

Unsworth witnessed a 50 per cent jump in cases (from 12 to 18), raising the rate to 260.2.

There was a 45.5 per cent jump in cases in the Kirkhams and Holyrood area (cases rose from 11 to 16), leading the rate to increase to 258.2.

The number of cases in Elton Vale rose 38.5 per cent (from 13 to 18) as the rate was recorded at 254.0.

The Fairfield and Jericho area saw a 300 per cent weekly rise (up from five to 20 cases) with the case rate recorded at 250.4.

Cases in Whitefield East doubled from seven to 14 with the rate climbing to 239.9.

In Ramsbottom, there has been a 28.6 per cent rise of recorded Covid-19 cases (up from 14 to 18) with the rate up to 204.4.

Redvales and Hollins saw a 62.5 per cent rise in caes (from eight to 13) and the rate stood at 195.9.

A 9.1 per cent increase in cases was reported in Prestwich Central (from 11 to 12 cases) and the rate was 186.4.

The neighbouring Prestwich Clough and Rainsough district had a slightly lower rate (183.2) but cases sank from 13 to 10.

The Walshaw and Woolfold area's rate was 184.5 after rates increased 66.7 per cent (nine to 15).

Although the Whitefield West and Park Lane area had a rate nearly double the UK average with 173.1, there was a slight reduction in cases from 13 to 12.

The rate of the Outwood Gate area near Radcliffe was 167.9 after cases more than doubled (from six to 13).

The Walmersley and Limefield area's rate was 139.4 after cases rose 37.5 per cent (eight to 11).

The Nuttall and Tottington area's rate was 134.6 after an extra case was logged (from nine to 10).

Sedgeley Park's rate was 134.2 after cases more than doubled (from six to 13).

Prestwich East's rate was 104.4 but the number of cases fell from 13 to eight.

The Ainsworth and Bradley Fold area's rate was 101.9 after cases rose by 50 per cent (from four to six).

Whitehead Park's rate was 95.1 as the number of cases (seven) was the same was the week before.

Besses rate sat not far above the UK average at 93.9 after one less case (nine to eight) was reported.

Higher Woodhill's rate was 87.5 after one more case was recorded (from four to five).

The Fernhill and Pimhole area stood at 74.1, after cases rose by two (from six to eight).