Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves and that seems very much the case for one woman who has found £1,000 of loose change just lying on the floor.

Keely Archer cannot believe how much money is just 'thrown away' having found £1,156 in change and notes on the streets around Prestwich, where she lives, and further afield.

Now the 51-year-old is looking to donate the find to charity.

She said: “For 10 years I’ve been finding money on the street and have been collecting it. Over the decade I’ve collected over £1,156 and I want to give it to four charities.

“I’ve found money on trams, tram platforms, tram tracks, buses, photo booths, phone boxes, ticket machines, car parks, back streets, skips, down sofas, on roads and pavements, it’s like I’m a magnet to money.

“Every time I go out, I find money whether it be a coin or a note. I decided to start saving it because I might need it for something in the future.

“This was nearly 10 years ago, and little did I realise that my findings would total £1,156.

“It’s like it’s a sixth sense and it’s meant to be. I’m just really happy.”

She has found the money on streets all over the UK and has just been keeping it in jars and tubs which has slowly grown over the years.

Keely hopes to donate the money to four charities in Bury with at least three of them being animal charities, however, she hasn’t decided which ones yet.

She said she will continue to collect money for years to come and hopefully use her 'gift' to help more charities in the future.