A new pedestrian crossing has been fitted on a busy road in Hollins after residents raised concerns over a lack of safe places to cross it.

Unsworth councillors Nathan Boroda, Tahir Rafiq and Joan Grimshaw unveiled the puffin crossing on Croft Lane on Wednesday, July 20. 

The crossing, promised by the councillors at the last election, was supported by 93 per cent of Hollins residents in a consultation earlier this year.

People asked for the crossing due to a lack of safe places for pedestrians to cross the road.

Croft Lane sits between two main roads, the A56 and the A66 which meant pedestrians needed a safe place to cross to avoid busy traffic.

It is hoped the new crossing will also help to reduce the amount of time pedestrians spend finding a safe gap in the traffic to cross.

A consultation for the crossing took place in December last year which showed overwhelming support from residents.

Cllr Rafiq said: “I am delighted that the crossing has been installed on Croft Lane.

“It will make a big difference to road safety on the lane and is already receiving great reviews from residents.”

Cllr Nathan Boroda added: “It is great news that we have been able to fulfil our election promise by introducing this much-needed crossing, supported by 93 per cent of residents."

Cllr Joan Grimshaw said: “I am so pleased that the crossing has been installed.

"It will be well-used by residents, and especially parents walking their children to school.”