A Muay Thai boxer from Bury who has trained since the age of five has won a ‘dream’ European title after a fight last month.

Lewis George, 17, won the WBC under-18 European title in a fight against London-based boxer Ace White at Barnsley Metrodome on Saturday, July 30.

The teenager, who attends college at the Joe Gallagher Boxing Academy, recently won another prestigious title, the WMO PRO AM British title, in March this year.

In preparation for his latest fight, Lewis woke up at 6am everyday to go for runs before heading to Bad Company Gym in Leeds to train.

Bury Times: Lewis George has been training since the age of five. Photo: Mark GeorgeLewis George has been training since the age of five. Photo: Mark George

Speaking to the Bury Times before the match at Barnsley Metrodome, Lewis’ dad, Mark said: “It’s every junior’s dream to fight for a WBC but they come very far and between.

“It's only the elite of the elite fighters who get to go for it.”

Now that Lewis has earned the title for which he worked so hard, Mark says he is “on top of the world” after seeing his son succeed.

Mark said: “(Ace White) was a good challenge, I was nervous at the start of the fight, there’s always worry.”

Mark says his son is the first person from Bury to compete for and win the European title.

“(Lewis) is absolutely made up, I think he was a bit overwhelmed that he was the only person from Bury to ever win a WBC title or to even fight for one.”

Following his latest victory, the boxer now has 27 belts in his trophy cupboard including a number of international titles.

Bury Times: Lewis' trophy cabinet. Photo: Mark George Lewis' trophy cabinet. Photo: Mark George

The teenager’s next goal is to spend a couple of weeks in Thailand, where he hopes to hone his craft in the country where the sport originated.

After fighting what was likely to be for the last time as a junior, Mark thanked all those who have supported Lewis towards achieving his goal.

Mark said: “Big thank you to Peter Spensley who is the promoter of super show Lewis has been fighting on his show since the age of seven years old so earned the right to fight for the WBC European belt because Lewis has fought all the best people across Europe.

“I want to give a big thank you to bad company gym for all the hard work they put into Lewis making him the best he can be.

“I want to say thank you to bury skip hire and all Lewis’s sponsors for making this possible and keep sponsoring Lewis and thank you to everyone who supports Lewis and bought tickets to come and watch him the crowd was amazing.”