An ex-police constable who tried to start inappropriate sexual relationships with two women would have been dismissed if still in his role, a tribunal has ruled.

Julian Maynard, who served on Greater Manchester Police, resigned last month after a conviction on two counts of misconduct in a public office towards the end of last year.

Back in April, at Preston Crown Court, Maynard was sentenced to eight months in prison.

And this week, at a tribunal, his case was considered by Chief Constable Stephen Watson.

Maynard, who was based in Oldham, was not in attendance at Greater Manchester Police HQ, where it was heard he tried to start inappropriate sexual relationships with two women who reported incidents, one of them an incident of domestic violence.

In the absence of mitigation, other than an apology, the chief constable said his actions amounted to several breaches of standards, and therefore to misconduct.

He said: "These offences were directed towards two women who were rendered vulnerable.

"The breaches are an egregious departure from anything that can be tolerated in the service."  The offences themselves were between November 2018 and April 2020, when Maynard made more than 1,000 communications to one woman, Female A, and more than 1,950 communications to another woman, Female B.

The communications, a mixture of calls and texts of which some mentioned 'cuddling', 'kissing' and sexual intercourse were made from his work phone and were discovered as a result of concerns raised by Female A.

In his apology, Maynard criticised the force for what he thought was a lack of care and support in the case.

But the chief constable was unimpressed and said it was he who had let down his colleagues.

He ruled Maynard would have been dismissed if still in his role.

He said: "[Maynard's] conduct has rightly given rise to the ruination of his career and the loss of his liberty.

"I have determined that had he not resigned already, I would have dismissed him without notice," he added.

Maynard was placed on the College of Policing's barred list, where he remains unless he succeeds in a review application.

He cannot start a review application for a minimum of five years.