EACH year sealers shoot and club to death thousands of harp seal pups,some as young as three weeks old, in Canada's infamous seal hunt.

Sealers hook the pups, drag them across the ice, skin them in their boats and throw their bodies back on to the ice and into the sea.

The British Government, despite being opposed to the hunts, nevertheless allows imports of seal products.

I am therefore urging readers to write a polite letter of protest to Gareth Thomas, MP, Minister for Trade and Consumer Affairs, Department for Business, Enterprise and RegulatoryReform, 1 Victoria Street, London, SW1 HET, urging him to impose a ban. It is due to human greed that we have such dwindling wildlife populations and we must therefore do all we can to protect the seals before they, too,vanish from our planet, as so many species have done already.

Sara Lee Bury Old Road Whitefield