The prices of buying a home in Bury have increased dramatically over the past year for first-time and normal buyers.

The borough has seen an average price increase of £23,000 in a year and the numbers are still going up each month, making it more expensive than the average price of a house in the North West.

In July, those buying a house in Bury paid around £233,715, which is 7.7 per cent more than the average for the region.

First-time buyers have also been hit, having to pay £19,000 more than a year ago and £55,000 more than in 2017.

This means, for first-time buyers a cost of around £196,000 should be expected.

The cost of houses differs in the borough with the most expensive being for a detached house where Bury buyers can be expected to pay £395,287.

A semi-detached home comes in at an are average of £254,411.

The lowest costs are for terraced houses at £182,120 and flats which average at around £125,507.

One of the most expensive areas is Trafford as properties there now cost an average of £363,000, three times more than a home in Burnley, £120,000.

The worst hit area is Hyndburn which has had a 16.4 per cent annual increase in housing costs and the least affected is Pendle, which has only seen a 4.4 per cent increase.