Dozens of residents have objected to plans to build on a patch of grass which is used as an "informal play area" for children.

A total of 53 objections have been submitted over proposals to build seven bungalows on land in Whitefield between Billberry Close and Albert Road.

The site is not within a conservation area but residents have been eager to preserve the patch of land which is so often used by those in the area.

One objector said: “The grassy area is regularly used by the local community for leisure and exercise.

"There are lots of children who use the land for sporting activities as they have space to run around safely without having to play on the road.

“Bury Council talk about plans to improve communities and ensure the health and well-being of their residents.

"Removing this amenity and using it for housing would be going against these plans and negatively impact the area and local residents.”

The homes, proposed by applicant Venturia Limited, would be a mixture of six two-bedroomed semi-detached bungalows and a one-bedroomed detached bungalow under the plans.

The bungalows would have brick external walls and plain concrete tiled roofs with casement windows, simple design front doors and private garden areas.

However, residents in the nearby area say that taking this land away from them will have a detrimental impact on those living there.

An objector said: “The area is an open space which is clearly valued by the local community.

“You only have to walk through the space to see that the area is kept clean.

“It is used regularly by dog walkers and it is very rare to see any dog mess left behind.

“This is not something you can say about other parkland/green spaces in the area and, I believe, highlights the way the locals value the space.

“Children often play sports on the green. At a time when the government is highlighting the need to reduce childhood obesity, how can the council remove a place that will help to combat this?

“The nearest place for children to play regularly floods and the grass is often too sodden to walk on, never mind to run and play football on.

"The area is a huge habitat for local wildlife."

But the proposed development plans are said to "perform a positive economic, social and environmental role" and therefore there is a "presumption in favour of granting planning permission for the proposals".

The application will be put before the council's planning committee in a meeting on Tuesday, August 29.

In a report published ahead of the meeting, council officers have recommended to approve the plans with conditions.

The report added: "The proposal would deliver much needed residential development on a site within the urban area that is considered to be in a sustainable location."