As plays go this was simply spiffing darling

Yes, the iconic duo, Jeeves & Wooster have arrived in Bolton to put on a splendid night of theatre at the Octagon.

A brilliantly talented cast of just three perform Jeeves &Wooster in Perfect Nonsense, an absolutely glorious masterpiece in farcical storytelling.

From the character names to the absurd plot, the audience cannot help but laugh out loud at this perfectly silly but hugely enjoyable comedy, in which the audience show their huge appreciation for the actors as they change character, become two characters in one ­— yes bizarre but brilliant.

The plot centres around the charming Bertie Wooster, who has a tale to tell from playing matchmaker between his newt-fancying acquaintance Gussie Fink-Nottle and the girl of his dreams, Madeline Bassett, Bertie must also secure an elusive silver cow-creamer for his formidable Aunt Dahlia.

Bury Times: Luke Barton and Patrick Warner in Jeeves and Wooster (Picture: Mar Brenner)

Yes, absolutely perfect nonsense but superbly performed by Luke Barton as Bertie, Alistair Cope as Seppings and Patrick Warner as Jeeves.

Warner's portrayal of reliable and ever so patient Jeeves is perfect and his hilarious performance as Victor and Victoria - at the same time - is a show stealer and earns him a round of applause from the audience.

Bury Times: Luke Barton and Patrick Warner in Jeeves and Wooster (Picture: Mar Brenner)

The trio's comic timing is spot on, the character depictions are a riot - I'm still not quite sure who evil Spod is, but he had the audience in stitches.

Theatre was made for shows such as this, incredibly silly but hugely entertaining and so uplifting.

The play runs until October 21. Visit the Octagon Theatre website for details