A man has appeared in court after police patrols in Radcliffe uncovered an ‘unauthorised encampment’ suspected as being used for crime.

Officers from the Radcliffe Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) say a 34-year-old man was arrested yesterday, Wednesday, and charged as part of patrols under Operation Sceptre, a nationwide campaign to tackle knife crime.

Police say the man was arrested near Railway Street after officers discovered he was wanted for failing to appear in court and shoplifting.

He was later arrested for possession of cannabis and appeared in court today, Thursday, charged with all offences.

Police uncovered an ‘unauthorised encampment’ which they suspect is linked to crime and drug dealing in the area.

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A spokesperson for GMP Bury South said: “Yesterday the Radcliffe Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) were on patrol in the Town Centre following community concerns about ASB. As part of Operation Sceptre week, the national campaign to tackle knife-crime, we attended the area to sweep for weapons, and check for ASB.

“Close to Railway Street, we discovered a small unauthorised encampment which was clearly being used by local criminals and/or drug users. We reported the encampment to the Council for clearing and making safe.

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“Assistance was given from Bury Divisional tasking Team (DTT). We discovered a male present was wanted for Failing to Appear at Court for Possession of Offensive Weapons, and two Counts of Shoplifting. He was later arrested for Possession of Cannabis.

“A 34-year-old male was charged and remanded for all offences, and will appear at Court today.

“Several potential weapons – which were certainly out of place for being in such an encampment were seized too. Among the collection was a Hockey Stick, and several bladed objects, including Carpentry Saws.

“#Operation Sceptre continues for the Radcliffe NPT this week. We have already conducted School Talks/Workshops, and have more planned!”