A BURY police inspector has jetted to New York to give evidence in a high-profile trial — at the request of the FBI.

Inspector Charlotte Cadden, who manages the division’s intelligence unit, took the stand at Brooklyn Federal Court to testify at the trial of Rabbi Israel Weingarten.

The rabbi was found guilty of sexually abusing his daughter over a number of years. He is due to be sentenced tomorrow.

The case achieved widespread publicity in the US because the rabbi represented himself, which meant he was able to cross-examine his daughter during the trial.

Inspector Cadden became involved in the case in 1999 while she was working at Salford CID. She was asked to investigate a report that Rabbi Weingarten was attempting to abduct his daughter from her Manchester school and take her to Belgium. He was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault after the victim told Inspector Cadden that her father had been abusing her for years. However, no prosecution was made at that time as all of the offences took place outside the UK.

Several years later, the victim moved to USA and made a complaint to the FBI that her father had abused her since she was aged nine.

The FBI learned of Inspector Cadden’s previous involvement in the case and in January they contacted her and asked her to travel to New York to give evidence at the trial.

Inspector Cadden said: “The FBI arranged for us to meet the victim after we had given evidence and she said that we had literally saved her life by getting her away from her father which was very emotional to hear.”