A 20-year-old and 16-year-old are in a critical condition in hospital after a car crashed into several cars in Affetside, Bury.

At 4.15am on Saturday, the driver lost control of his BMW in Watling Street, Affetside, and crashed into a Range Rover. The BMW then ricocheted off five other vehicles, including a Jaguar, and Audi TT, before coming to a halt.

Residents woken by the noise of the crashes told how they found a 20-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy, who are both from Bolton, unconscious and bleeding in the car.

Firefighters called out the Royal Bolton Hospital’s emergency medical team to administer treatment while they freed the two who were trapped.

Nick Rowbottom, watch commander at Bolton North Fire Station, said: “The emergency medical team administered treatment to the driver and passenger as we worked to free them.

“We had to cut away the roof and the side of the car. It took us 20 minutes to free the driver and a hour to free the passenger.”

The man was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital suffering from suspected head and chest injuries and the teenager was taken to Fairfield Hospital, Bury, with head injuries. Residents spoke of their shock at seeing the crash scene in their village.

The resident whose Range Rover was damaged in the crash said: “We were woken by a screech of tyres and a massive bang.

“We alerted the emergency services. The two in the car were unconscious but breathing. They were bleeding, suggesting they had internal injuries. We were told just to monitor them.

“It was a shock. We have had a number of accidents where cars have gone into walls and porches on this road. It is sheer luck people in those cars — and residents —have not been seriously injured.”

Joanne Wilcock, chairwoman of Affetside Society, said residents had been campaigning for traffic-calming measures to be implemented for more than two years.

She said: “We are all upset by the accident and our thoughts are with the two young men, but this accident need not and should not have happened.

“We are working with Bury Council in the hope that measures are implemented to stop an accident like this happening again.

“We want Bury and Bolton councils to work together to make this road safer.”

Witnesses to the Affetside accident should call 0161 856 3573.