We visited the circus recently with our three children and really enjoyed it, but I am writing regarding the animal protesters who were outside the circus when we arrived.

They had boards and flyers showing half starved animals and animals that had been mistreated and proceeded to inform us that was what was happening to the animals inside the circus.

My children were shocked and didn’t want to see the mistreated animals but I convinced them to go in and judge for themselves.

I must stress that once inside the show was excellent and all the animals seemed fit and well and were on display afterwards for all to see and to show they where being treated fairly.

I know that some of these protesters have a lot of work to do but they should concentrate on the animals that need it and the ones that are being mistreated, not animals that quite clearly are being looked after, well fed and have more of a life than some other animals.

I found the protesters to be fairly arrogant and very opinionated. I understand they are defending defenceless animals but please do it where it matters.

On a lighter note Bippo the clown made the show especially when he covered me in popcorn.

My kids thought it was hilarious. I recommend the show to all families and would see it again.

Andrew Partington