A STRANDED dog had to be rescued by firefighters today after becoming trapped for two hours on an island of reeds at a Radcliffe canal.

One-year-old border collie, Brinxley, ran off while being walked along the path of the Manchester Bolton and Bury canal at Sion Street. The animal swam 10ft out to the thick growth of reeds but refused to take the plunge again to return to his worried owner, 20-year-old Jon Walton.

After phoning the fire brigade, three officers waded into the canal and successfully plucked Brinxley to safety. He was none the worse for his ordeal.

Joiner Jon, of Starling Road, Radcliffe, said: “One of the firemen cut the lead with a knife and was able to grab Brinxley and pass him along to his colleagues. The lead had been tangled up in the reeds and earlier the dog began to sink and had to move about to get a more secure footing.”

The incident happened when Jon was walking the dog at 9am today.