A MAN was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting at the launch of a crimebusting initiative to crack down on thefts from charity shops!

Bury Times photographer Paul Sterritt was covering the official unveiling of the installation of CCTV cameras in Bury's town centre charity shops yesterday afternoon when he captured Sergeant Rick Pendlebury arresting a young male inside the PDSA shop on The Rock in this exclusive photograph.

The branch is among those to receive the free surveillance systems thanks to a cash donation from the BurySafe partnership.

Paul said: "I was just waiting for the photocall to start to promote the new CCTV cameras in charity shops when I entered the PDSA shop and spotted a young man being confronted by the manageress and prevented from leaving.

"The next thing I knew, a police sergeant who was supposed to be in the launch picture, marched in and arrested the lad."

The man was taken to Bury Police Station for questioning in connection with the theft of clothing from the store.

Police say charity shops are regularly targeted by shoplifters. Some have been forced to close their changing rooms where items have been bundled into shopping bags by thieves.

Now, thanks to a charitable donation from BurySafe, CCTV cameras are being installed in all of the town centre charity shops to catch thieves in the act.

The cameras contain recording chips which can be taken to the police station and viewed for evidence in the same way as digital camera photography.

Sergeant Rick Pendlebury, of Bury Police, said: "The net is closing on thieves in Bury and very soon they will have nowhere to hide.

"Working with the BurySafe partnership we are determined to make Bury a safe place to shop."

And the leader of Bury Council, Councillor Wayne Campbell, added: "Stealing and purse snatching is such a personal violation and leaves many people feeling quite shaken.

"We are hoping that by installing CCTV cameras in Bury not only will we stop thefts against our shoppers but also against the shops themselves.

"It is sad when people steal from the most vulnerable outlets in the town." Posters promoting the CCTV cameras have been produced by the BurySafe team at Bury Council and will go on display in the charity shop windows.