A 32-year-old bachelor was found hanged from his bedroom door, an inquest heard.

Mr Robert Goslin was discovered dead by his cousin at their shared home in Regent Street, Ramsbottom.

At the Bury hearing last week, coroner Mr Simon Nelson was told how Mr Goslin had been suffering from a depressive illness for more than five years and had attempt to kill himself in 1999 when he took an overdose of drugs.

Mr Nelson said on that occasion, Mr Goslin did not intend to commit suicide but the attempt was a cry for help as he struggled to overcome his mental illness.

At the time of his death in October last year, the IT engineer was taking anti-depressants.

Mr Nelson said: "Mr Goslin was a very private person who may not have been able to open up to those close to him.

"He felt unable to open up even to his own doctor who had no indication of Mr Goslin's suicidal thoughts or expressions of self- harm.

"I believe, with regret, that he took his own life while suffering from a depressive illness."