EACH spring I write to the Bury Times to give its readers the sad news that, yet again, the Canadian seal hunt is under way, during which thousands of new born seals will be clubbed or shot for their fur.

Sickeningly, it boasts to be the largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on Earth.

Although the EU recently banned the import of seal products, Canada will not relent and is actively seeking new markets — countries like itself that have little or no compassion for its fellow creatures.

This year, I am writing to ask readers who are as outraged as I am by this vile hunt to boycott Canadian seafood such as lobster and prawn from the northwest Atlantic, and to write and tell the Canadian High Commissioner, Mr James Wright, Canadian High Commission, 1 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 4AB, that you will continue to boycott Canadian seafood until Canada stops killing baby seals.

Please help put an end to this brutal hunt once and for all.

Sara Lee Bury Old Road Whitefield