Bury North MP David Nuttall has delivered his first speech to Parliament, in which he praised former Labour MP David Chaytor.

Mr Nuttall, the newly-elected Conservative MP, told the House of Commons that although Mr Chaytor held “very different political views” from his own, he “always treated me with the greatest courtesy and respect”.

Mr Nuttall, aged 48, from Tottington, said: “I am sure that my constituents whom he helped during the 13 years he represented the constituency would want me to thank him publicly for the work he did on their behalf.

“Mr Chaytor made frequent contributions in the House, particularly on education and energy.”

The Tory was giving his maiden speech to fellow MPs in Parliament last Thursday, after winning his seat in the 2010 general election on May 6, when he claimed a 2,243 majority.

Mr Nuttall spoke proudly about Bury black pudding, Holcombe’s Peel Tower and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, which have all helped to put Bury on the map. He also talked about the history of the town and joked with MPs about the possibilities of them taking a holiday in Bury.

Sheffield-born Mr Nuttall first stood for Parliament in 1997 and stood four times before he was elected. Mr Nuttall told the House that he hoped his achievements, as a Yorkshireman from a working-class background, would inspire others. He said: “It is the poverty of aspiration and ambition, which is so pervasive and widespread among many in the lower socio-economic groups, that is the real problem. I hope that perhaps my achievements can be an inspiration to others. Finally, let me say that I intend to be a strong and independent advocate for my constituents.”