So, the new MP for Bury North, David Nuttall, has used his first House of Commons intervention to criticise the Government for freezing the Civil List. This is public money given to the Royal Family each year.

Thousands of families in Bury are suffering cuts to their tax credits and are having their child benefits frozen.

Public sector workers are having their pay frozen, meaning an income cut in real terms due to the upcoming VAT increase, and the schools budget is being slashed.

What does our new Tory MP have to say about it? He is complaining that the Queen only gets £7.9 million a year.

I consider myself lucky. I will be taking my pay and child benefit freeze, I will lose my tax credits, and I will more than likely start to pay more for my pension, but I am lucky enough to have a full time job and have ways of making efficiencies.

David Nuttall, you should be ashamed of yourself. Start to look after your constituents before looking after someone who will never go hungry or worry about keeping a roof over her head.

Judith Kelly Tottington