It was saddening to see our MP for Bury North, who is supposed to represent his consituents, speaking in the House of Commons, sharing his discontent about the freezing of the Civil List.

Is this man awake? Has he seen our deficit?

What’s even more appalling is that his comments were made at a time where thousands and thousands of people in Bury are suffering savage cuts by this ConDem Coalition, including cuts to child benefits and tax credits, which many families in Bury rely on — and thousands of public sector jobs at risk and not to mention departmental cuts of around 25 per cent including education.

My future and the future of my peers is at stake here, with 10,000 university places being cut, yet all Mr Nuttall seems to complain about is freezing the Queen’s salary, instead of standing up and speaking for the future of the people of Bury.

How shameful, distasteful and insensitive.

Mohammed Ahmed Alfred Street Bury