It is with great shock and disappointment that I read of the decision to close Unsworth library.

While I appreciate that the council is currently in dire financial straits, I strongly urge the members of the council involved to reconsider this terrible decision.

Unsworth library is a fantastic resource for the local community, one which the council should be very proud to own. It is not just a place to borrow a book, it offers many, many other valuable services too such as internet access, council information access, and the services offered to children could create an entire letter of their own.

My daughter is at a very exciting time in her life — she is realising that reading can fire her imagination and be a means to discover the world. At three years old, she already has a great love of books, one which I’m very proud of and it is through visiting Unsworth Library on a regular basis that I’ve been able to show her a world of books that we can share and that she can discover independently once she has developed the necessary skills. It angers me that this resource is being taken away from her and her younger sister.

Has the council considered sharing the burden of the budget cuts across all residents within the Bury borough rather than just targeting the residents of Unsworth? Maybe all libraries could reduce the number of days they are open during the week, thus reducing running/heating costs and enabling the residents of Unsworth access to their library at least two or three times a week?

Unsworth library isn’t a building to be closed, it’s a focal point for our community, an easily accessible resource for all and a treasure chest of thousands of adventures waiting to be explored.

Alison Mobey Chadderton Drive Unsworth