THE number of councillors across Greater Manchester should be slashed to save millions of pounds every year.

That is the view of Conservative councillor Sam Hurst, who has written to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles asking for the number of councillors to be cut by one third.

There are currently 51 councillors across Bury — three in each ward — and 644 councillors across Greater Manchester.

Cllr Hurst, who represents Radcliffe East, estimates that £2,035,186 could be saved by the councils by cutting numbers.

He said: “I think we can cut the cost of politics at this difficult time. We should lead by example and show that we can cut costs in our own back yard. I think having 51 councillors in Bury is too many.”

As well as saving money, Cllr Hurst believes residents would benefit from a reduction in the number of elected representatives.

He says the same amount of work could be done by having two councillors instead of three in each area.

Cllr Hurst said: “If we cut the numbers, councillors would become more prominent figures in the community. Councillors will truly become champions of their own wards as the focus narrows from three members to only two key figureheads within their area.”

Cllr Hurst sent the letter to Mr Pickles on Monday and is awaiting a reply. He has also spoken to Councillor Bob Bibby, leader of Bury Council.