BURY Council has announced plans which could see it no longer directly providing services to residents.

Instead, services could be provided by the private sector, neighbouring authorities and voluntary groups.

The proposals have been announced as the council launches its draft transformation strategy.

It has been described by council chiefs as a "plan for change" and will see the majority of what the council does "significantly" reviewed.

Cllr Bob Bibby, leader of Bury Council said: "The time for change is here. This strategy shows the way forward for both our residents and staff.

"We are asking some difficult questions and some very significant changes will need to be made.

"The messages within the document are clear, standing still in not an option, nor is igfnoring the signifiacny financial challenges and new localism agenda, both of which require a different response from local councils."

A consultation has now been launched to enable local people and Bury Council employees to have their say on the proposals.

Cllr Bibby added: "The strategy is for everyone who is connected to Bury Council, from service users to council employees, including the role of local councillors as local advocates and employers, voluntary and social enterprise groups, local businesses and partners.

"I am inviting all of these groups to have their say on the proposals."

The consultation will run until March 20 and the full draft strategy can be viewed at www.bury.gov.uk/transformation.