I CANNOT believe that the trust is closing down the children’s ward at Fairfield hospital.

My son was admitted on Sunday, October 8, with excruciating tummy pains.

Within three hours he was admitted onto the children’s ward.

By Monday they diagnosed HSP and he was rushed to the children’s hospital in Manchester by ambulance as an emergency.

I found the staff at the children’s hospital unapproachable and I had to ask for his pain relief all the time.

He was then transferred back to Fairfield on the Wednesday where he stayed till the Saturday.

I have to say the staff were remarkable, helpful and always on the ball. I couldn’t have wished for better nurses to look after him at Fairfield.

My husband doesn’t drive so my son had no visitors while he was at the children’s hospital.

God help anyone else’s kids once Fairfield has closed its children’s ward, they will have to go all the way to Manchester.

I for one am angry that the children’s ward is closing and can’t believe the trust is letting it happen.

I would like to thank all the nurses and doctors who looked after my son during his stay in Fairfield.

Emma Simmonds Bury