What a shame that someone felt the need to criticise two of our children in such an absent-minded way.

The aim of our Evacuee Experience was to empathise with the undoubted hardships of children from 1939, reflect on how fortunate we are compared with the children and families of wartime Britain and to recognise the sacrifices that were made for us.

I am very proud of the children for the way that they represented our school on that day, displaying impeccable manners and showing respect to all of the adults and volunteers they encountered.

In addition, I would like to praise their parents who went to such great efforts to dress them in period costume.

Rebecca and Charley’s outfits displayed many ‘accuracies’ like the gas masks, name tags, blazer jackets and short trousers.

They say that age brings wisdom, but in this instance, it also appears to bring pettiness and pedanticism! It seems that Charles Lamb was correct when he wrote “We grow grey in our spirit long before we grow grey in our hair!”

Mr Jacques Year Six Teacher St Mary’s RC Primary School