There have been numerous letters in recent weeks about the car parking in Bury and Friday’s Light Night proved parking again was an issue.

I saw three cars with parking tickets because they were parked in a bay for taxis (Tithe Barn Street).

Traffic Wardens were still on the prowl well after six that night. I know it was wrong to park there, but taxis are very rarely parked in that spot anyway.

You would think that on a special night as Bury Light Night parking would be unrestricted to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the evening.

I have noted that several letters writers say they will not be returning to Bury because of its parking. Is this the way to welcome visitors? I think not.

May I suggest that the car parks in question make sure they have a large visible notice which identifies restrictions clearly to help our visitors to Bury?

Parking in a car park to me means parking your car within the lines, checking how much your stay costs and getting a ticket to display in your car.

I’m sure I am not alone when I say I don’t expect to have to stand and read small unobtrusive parking notices to check if I am ok to park and ‘walk’ or even that I have used the right machine!

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