I wholeheartedly agree with Jacqui Hall’s letter regarding NHS pensions.

As she states, this pension fund is in very good financial shape and is certainly not unaffordable. Something else for the public to be aware of is that the NHS pension has already been reviewed — only three years ago in 2008.

It was reviewed to make it more cost effective, to take into account that people live longer, that some people want to work for longer etc etc. So we’ve already made changes to our pension scheme.

Why does the Government want another review? To take another bite from the cherry of our well funded scheme perhaps?

I am an NHS midwife and have been working now for 28 years since leaving school at age 16 years and have been making NI contributions for 25 years (minus three years as a student midwife).

I have already had to accept that I will have to work for at least six extra years to claim my state pension. Now I am asked to accept that the same will apply to my works pension — I don't think so! I am coping with a pay freeze during very difficult times and with the threat of job losses from my employer, but the pension changes would be one step too far.

If you were paying £100 a month into a Christmas club from January and in September you were told that you would have to increase those payments to £120, would not receive quite as much money back and would also not get your money until the following March instead of in December, what would you think of that company's actions? Daylight robbery, legalised theft, fraud!!

Everyone in this country should stand firm against the Government’s proposed changes to pension schemes. We can all get our heads down to try and work through difficult times, but don’t let them steal our retirement!

Gillian Eccles Tottington