On Armistice Day this year, I was shocked, saddened and ashamed by the continued abuse of the two minute silence.

Whilst attending a doctors surgery at a large health centre, although they displayed a notice saying a one minute silence would be observed at 11am, and this was respected by the patients, staff including doctors and nurses carried on regardless. Sometimes laughter and chatting could be heard and patients continued to be called throughout. It was disrespectful and embarrassing.

This is asked of us once a year. For two minutes. Is our time so precious that we can’t spare that small amount of time to remember the people who made it possible for us to be here to do it? We should remember that even today, people’s loved ones are still laying down their lives for us all.

On that day last week, I wondered if we are worthy.

I expect impatient motorists will again be revving their engines during the silence at Radcliffe war memorial as they wait for the two minutes to pass and they can get on with their lives.

Millions lost in wars no doubt would wish they could get on with theirs also.

Pro Patria Mori