I HAVE always been interested in the people from Bury who have been granted the freedom of the borough. I have also taken an interest in people who have made a long-term commitment to the town and for whatever reason have been overlooked.

One such person who deserves special recognition for her services to sport within the town is Jill Neville (nee Harper). Jill was one of the first girl footballers in our town and she has represented Bury in a range of different sports.

Her participation and commitment to sport in Bury continues. For the past 20 something years she has been a wonderful ambassador for Bury Football Club. She worked tirelessly over the years to raise funds and is still helping to run the club.

This year Jill celebrates a special birthday. I believe it would be an appropriate year for the people of Bury to show their appreciation for all the hard work and effort she has put into sport. So all you football fans who have benefited so much from Jill’s sterling contribution, I ask you to join me in lobbying the council to recognise the achievements of this special lady.

Name and address supplied