I WOULD just like to send out a warning letter to anyone wanting to go to Bury Market in any car that is big.

I received a ticket from Bury Council when my Nissan Navara was over the length of the parking space that I can not physically fit in.

Even though there was no car within 30 spaces of me, I was at the outermost space in the car park and it was almost empty, yet someone saw fit to ticket me. I was told to park on the road — tell me where exactly. I have appealed and asked a couple of questions.

And guess what — a standard “no” letter and no reply to the questions I asked. The parking attendant has shown the true colours of Bury Council — a don’t care attitude to the consumer and the market traders who rely on people going to the market and passing on its good reputation. But the worst thing about it all is the fact that Bury Council can not answer a civil inquiry because of their lack of knowledge about the penalties they are enforcing.

I have been passed around their system so much it is laughable. Happy Christmas, Bury Council.

Mandy Clarke